Waterfalls in Croatia

Waterfalls in Croatia amaze tourists with their prominent features and their numbers.
There are plenty of discovered waterfalls flowing in the territory of Croatia.
Croatia is a country of unparalleled charm and is situated on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Its charming beaches, enchanting islands, beautiful rivers of clear water, and attractive waterfalls in these rivers make it a great tourist destination.

When it comes to waterfalls in Croatia, most of them are located in the National park, Plitvice Lakes, and Krka National park.
Read the complete guide about Croatia’s waterfalls, find their locations, and check the best way how to get there.

List of 27 The Best Waterfalls in Croatia

Krka National park

1. Skradinski Buk Waterfalls

Close to the town of Skradin, the Skradinski Buk flows in the mighty mode.
It contains twenty different waterfalls, having a height of 300 feet and covering an area of more than 2500 feet which is almost half a mile.

Regardless of its size, it doesn’t have any dangers and it’s one of the best places for entertainment in Krka national park.

Its exceptional size makes it the largest waterfall in the Krka National park.
The panoramic boat cruise provides a ride from Skradin town to the Skradinski Buk Waterfall as well.

The best way to explore Skradinski Buk Waterfall is to book a Krka waterfalls tour from Split.
It’s about an hour and a half long trip, from Split to Skradin town, from where the boat awaits to Skradinski Buk.

2. Cascades on Roski Waterfall

In the wild beauty of Krka national park, the Roski waterfall showers its pearly water droplets and calms the hearts of viewers.
It’s the conjunction of twelve different waterfalls and the falling height is about eighty feet deep, while it covers an area of two thousand feet.
The existence of this majestic waterfall spreads happiness in the wilderness.
It is among the most visited waterfalls in Krka national park and in Croatia.

3. Waterfalls at Skradin

Another loving site of Croatia waterfalls, the waterfalls flowing close to the entrance of Krka national park near the town of Skradin, welcomes tourists with their warm and crystal-clear water.
Advantage of its close location to the town, the waterfall is usually crowded during summer.

4. Miljacka Waterfall

The hidden beauty of the Krka national park.
The Miljacka waterfall cannot be accessed easily.
The only access is via the road of the hydroelectric plant situated close to the waterfall.
Furthermore, there are several caves close to the Miljacka waterfall.
During the time of high waters, such as in summer, the water usually goes through the caves.
It’s risky to explore these caves during such a time.

5. Manojlovac Waterfall

Manojlovac waterfall is situated nearby Miljacka waterfall.
During the summer, the surface of the water goes down due to the need for water supply for the nearly located hydroelectric plant.
Besides, there is a trail with a viewpoint along with the Manojlovac waterfall.
Furthermore, there was a historical plaque placed next to the viewpoint.
It is said that it was installed by Joso Modric in 1899.
In the late 19th century, the Austrian emperor,
King of Czech and Croatia-Hungarian visited this lake and admired its scenic view.
The height of the Manojlovac waterfall is almost 200 feet.

6. Bilušića Buk Waterfall

Bilusica Buk is known as the first waterfall of the Krka river and it’s also a part of Krka national park.
It is situated to the west of Knin town.
Having a height of 65 feet, it flows in two main steps.
There are several fields of agriculture in Krinsko Polje village, which is located next to it.

The strength of the water in Bilusica Buk was too extreme that it could cause floods and damage the sites of cultivation in the village.
To solve this problem, in 1834, 1895, 1953, and 1954, the water flow was reduced by redirecting it in separate ways. But still, there is a massive water flow in Bilusica Buk.

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