Parasailing Makarska

Have you ever wished to explore Makarska from a bird’s eye? With parasailing Makarska, you can do it. It is one of the best activities you can do in Makarska.

The good thing is you can do it with your friends or family, where you will be tied up with a speed boat, and the driver will tow you away higher and higher in the air.

Thus, you’ll fly like a bird in the air and enjoy the full view of the beach at Makarska. By now, you might have understood how amazing parasailing can be.

parasailing makarska

Have you ever tried parasailing in Makarska?

Parasailing is another popular sport in the world of tourism.
When you visit Makarska, you’ll see people with parachutes tied to the boat flying higher in the air.
You can find more information about the city on the Makarska travel guide if you plan to travel to Croatia for the first time. Also, you will need advice on where you can go parasailing and what are the best beaches in Makarska to do the deed.

Moreover, you’ll find people doing this activity on various beaches of Makarska. You can go there with your friends or family and make the most memories.

Parasailing Makarska Guide: All You need to know before trying Parasailing in Makarska Riviera

Parasailing is one of the best things to do in Makarska. In Makarska, you’ll see this activity practiced by many tourists.
Before you go parasailing, there are some things to remember, such as age, location, price, items needed for parasailing, and much more.


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Best Parasailing Locations in Makarska

If you plan to parasail in Makarska, there are few places to visit Makarska watersports, but the best location is below hotel Biokovka, where you can park your car in shade. Below is the map location for driving directions.

Best Time to Try Parasailing in Makarska

parasailing fly in makarska

Makarska is home to picturesque views and locations and is well known for its beaches. Its beautiful beaches make it the most visited beach on earth.

However, the best time to visit this attention-grabbing place is during summer, i-e, from May to October.

Between these months, you can go there any time. With pleasant weather conditions, enjoy the bright sun glowing at the crystal clear water of the beaches and giving them shades of the rainbow.

What to bring to parasailing

Before Parasailing, there are a few things to consider including what to wear and what not to wear. Should you take your phone, what gear should you carry, and much more?

What to wear for parasailing?

When Parasailing, you will get wet and want to wear clothes that can dry quickly. For that, you can wear the following garments.

  • You can divide your clothes into the base and top layers.
  • The base layer should include a bathing suit or quick-drying underwear. Since most of your day will be spent on the beach, wearing a bathing suit would be perfect.
  • You are now coming to the top layer. If you are a guy, you can combine your bathing suit with a quick-dry shirt, and if you’re a girl, you can wear shorts and pair it with an easy-dry shirt or rash guard.
  • If you have kids, you can make them wear bathing suits, too, so they can stay safe from the sun’s scorching heat.
  • On the other hand, if you’re parasailing when is cold weather, you will need to wear a wind jacket to prevent yourself from catching a cold.
  • To prevent yourself from the sun’s scorching heat during summer, you can wear a tight hat and a pair of goggles with straps attached to them.

What not to do on parasailing?

There are a few things that should be avoided when Parasailing. They include;

  • You should not wear jeans because they can weigh much heavy after getting wet.
  • Do not wear baggy or tight-fitting clothes. They will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not keep phones inside your pockets without a waterproof pouch.
Gear to Carry

When on vacation, people want to capture their memories. So, during Parasailing, if you’re going to catch some fantastic memories, you can follow the guidelines below for saving your memories in the eye of the camera.

  • You can bring a selfie stick with a strap and attach it to the harness on the chest.
  • Also, you must carry a waterproof pouch for the phone to keep. It will ensure the safety of your device and prevent it from getting wet.

Perfect weather in Makarska for Parasailing

Since Makarska never runs out of tourists, the best weather for Parasailing in the city is during summer, i-e, from May to September.

These are the best months to visit this gorgeous place, and that’s when most people from around the globe come here. During these months, you will find the sky clear to fly high in the air.

Not to mention, you can keep an eye on the weather forecast too. It will help you know when is the right time to parasail.

Minimum age for parasailing in makarska

parasailing activities makarska croatia

According to laws, children under 18 must have some guardian who can sign a permission letter before their little one boards for Parasailing.

In addition, the minimin age of a parasail is 5. That said, someone of age 13 or above must be in the air with kids to protect them.

When not to do parasailing

It’s best to keep an on the weather conditions. You can go ahead if there are no strong winds and the sky is clear. On the other hand, if you’re pregnant, sick, or afraid of water, you must not go Parasailing.

Facts About Parasailing in Makarska – What to Expect

Get to know some interesting facts about parasailing in Makarska below:

Parasailing comes in various forms. However, one of the most accessible forms is tying the parasailer to the boat via a winch and a cable.
The Parasailing starts on the ship; the line and winches help to maintain distance between the parasailer and the boat. Also, it helps in easy flying and safe landing.

The parasailing experience mainly depends on the weather, even though a decent boat and a sturdy canopy are vital aspects.
Winds between 12 and 27 miles per hour are suitable for parasailing flights. A parasailing trip might be risky when the waves are significant and the winds are erratic. The majority of parasailing businesses in Makarska only operate on days with favorable weather.

Safety and Parasailing in Makarska

You need to be mindful of the following things before Parasailing in Makarska.

  1. Book your boat for Parasailing with a trustworthy company in Makarska.
  2. Keep an eye on the weather forecast.
  3. Carry a waterproof pouch for your mobile phone and wear comfortable clothes.
  4. Keep a check on the type of gear given to you for Parasailing. The quality of equipment ensures safety.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parasailing in Makarska

Is parasailing Makarska safe?

Yes, parasailing in Makarska is absolutely safe both for kids and adults.

How long does it take to parasail Makarska?

The whole parasailing ride in Makarska is of about 10 minutes. However, if you go there with a large group of people, it may lead up to an hour to finish giving a ride to every couple or trio of people.

Is there a weight limit for parasailing in Makarska?

Weight requirements keep changing due to weather conditions. However, the combined weight requirement ranges from 160ls minimum to 450lbs maximum.

Who should not try parasailing in Makarska?

Those with stomach issues are afraid of heights and should avoid Parasailing.

Can pregnant women go parasailing in Makarska?

No, they can’t. If the captain allows, they can take a ride on the boat, but they are not allowed to fly high in the air.

What is miniumum age for try parasailing in Makarska?

The minimum age for Parasailing is 5. There should be someone five years old to accompany them.

Do we need a reservation for parasailing activities in Makarska?

Depending, you can just come to the parasailing location in Makarska, but during summer months waiting in line for the parasail is known to be long, so it is better to make a reservation and save time for the flight. You can make a reservation at this link.

What hotels are recommended near Parasailing Makarska?

Hotel Biokovka in Makarska is the most recommended hotel to stay for try parasailing in Makarska. The below hotel is the best parasailing location for try parasail. Here is the link to book parasailing in Makarska online;

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