17 Best Things to do in Makarska Croatia

Whether you visit Makarska in summer or winter, there’s something about this region that makes it unique.

With our list of the best things to do in Makarska, you’ll explore some amazing tourism facts that will eventually help you prepare for your vacation to Makarska.

Having spent a decade in Makarska, people asked us what we like about it the most. To my surprise, I couldn’t pick anything because this city has many attractions.

There’s nothing I ever disliked about Makarska. It’s one of the best spots for tourists, and you’ll never get bored of its scenic views and attractions. It’s located on the Adriatic coastline of Croatia, which is about 60 kilometers long and various kilometers wide.

best things to do in Makarska Croatia

Discover the 17 best things to do in Makarska Croatia you must try on your holiday

When it comes to Croatia Travel Guide, one cannot ignore the importance of the breathtaking region of Makarska. It’s undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations in Croatia.

You will find it on a horseshoe-shaped bay between the Adriatic Sea and Biokovo mountain to get there. In addition, what makes this attraction more popular is an eye-catching walking track lined with palm trees. The sunny climate and long pebbly beaches add more beauty to the location. If you want to explore Makarska, here are the best things to do in Makarska.

1. Try Parasailing

parasailing makarska

Have you explored every secret of the Adriatic Sea with a speedboat, jet ski, and snorkeling? Try a new way to uncover the hidden gems of this enchanting sea and its coasts. The secrets that cannot be revealed from the ground or sea level can be uncovered from the sky view. Parasailing is one of the most demanding activities in Makarska.

Traveling through the Adriatic Sea via boat is undoubtedly a great adventure, but getting an eagle view of this majestic beauty will fill you with untold pleasure. If you are in Makarska looking for something exceptional, parasailing is one of the best and most unique things to do here.


2. Hit The Beach and Go Swimming

best beaches in makarska

On one sunny day, you can hit the beach and go swimming. There are many beautiful beaches in Makarska, but some of the main beaches near the city are Makarska Beach and Gradska Plaža.

Furthermore, Makarska Beach is on the north side of town at the base of Sveti Petar lighthouse and Park Suma. This beach has numerous restaurants, bars, a specific swimming area, and a playground on the Sea.

However, such places are mostly crowded every week during the summer, but if you want, you can find a nice swimming spot by walking around Suma Park. Without any delay, prepare yourself for a nice swim.


3. Skywalk Biokovo

biokovo skywalk

If you want to explore the wonders of nature and give your adrenaline levels a rush, then you need to get on the skywalk Biokovo.

Biokovo is one of the well-known mountains present in Split-Dalmatia country. Also, you may be familiar with Sveti Jure, which is the largest peak. Biokovo is rich in many endemic species; for this reason, it was declared a Nature Park in 1981.

Furthermore, Biokovo is also famous for offering a top attraction i-e Skywalk. It’s present on the edge of the cliff, and you can view the islands 1228 meters above sea level.

The wonderful thing about the skywalk is it resembles the shape of a D or a horseshoe and is made of pure glass. Walking on it will show you the world below your feet. You’ll see the roots of Biokovo mountain in the Sea and its head above the clouds. Make sure you go there equipped with food and water.


4. St. Peter Lighthouse

St. Peter Lighthouse

Makarska is rich with many attractions, and the St. Petar lighthouse is one of them. It’s located on the peninsula and was built in the late 1800s.

Since then, the lighthouse has turned into a hotel for those who want to experience a historical vibe. Moreover, this lighthouse is a ground-floor stone structure ringed by a terrace. The lighthouse has one apartment with four beds.

The town of Makarska is among the most well-liked tourist destinations on the Adriatic Sea, in addition to its beaches. This lighthouse is a popular vacation spot due to Makarska’s proximity and the abundance of nearby attractions.

If you’re a peace-loving person, you shouldn’t go there because it’s a tourist attraction loaded with tourists. Not to mention, if you’re more of an extrovert and love roaming around, then Petar lighthouse is your go-to place.

5. Visit Kacic Square

kacic square makarska

Kacic Square lies in the heart of the city, and you can easily recognize it by the statue of Andrija Kačić Miošić. He’s a well-known author who wrote the most read and bought book after the Bible in Dalmatia. Moreover, Kacic Square is a must-visit place in Makarska.

There are many great restaurants and a fantastic wine bar if all you want is a drink, plus this is the location of the fruit and vegetable market. 

Often many concerts by local musicians are held here. In addition, spending time in Kacic Square Won’t be time-consuming. You’ll see a church and a market selling fresh food to visitors.

Rather, it will only be a brief journey, but it will be worthwhile. So, whenever you visit Makarska, don’t miss visiting this area. Lastly, don’t forget to tick it on your list.

6. Go to Zipline

zipline makarska croatia

If you have plans to spend your vacation in Makarska and want to have an adventurous trip, mark the zipline atop the list. You’ll have a wholly different yet fun experience.

To look for a zipline, you can find it in the heart of Makarska Riviera. It’s the only zipline in Croatia that lets you swing in the air and explore the city’s beauty. It’s 1000 meters long and ensures proper safety. 

On it, above you’ll see the infinite sky while below you’ll have a great view of the Sea, coastline and several other wonders.

Moreover, people of all ages can enjoy this fun except for children below 5. Before descending on the zipline, the instructor will give you all the safety equipment to ensure your safe journey on the zip line.

Finally, try to dress comfortably and in slick clothing so that you may enjoy the journey without worrying.


7. Enjoy the sunset

Are you someone who loves to watch the sunset? If yes, don’t forget to miss its sunset whenever you visit Makarska.

As Makarska has mountains such as Biokovo and the Adriatic Sea, how could you miss the sun beaming its rays on the rock and water while it bids farewell?

The sunset in Makarska will leave you in awe by changing the colors of the Sea and mountains. Every changing shade has its charm and a calming effect.

Moreover, enjoying the sunset from the comfort of home will be more soothing. Suppose you’re not a local and are on vacation.

You can rent a guesthouse or a hotel and bless your eyes with the sunset from the terrace or balcony. Sipping coffee while watching the sunset will make you enjoy it more. So, this is the thing not to miss when in Makarska.

8. Boat Trips to Islands

boat trips from makarska to islands brac and hvar

There are several islands and islets in Makarska, but the most beautiful ones are the islands of Brac and Hvar. If you’re in Split, you can reach the Brac in an hour, while going to Hvar will take one hour and 30 minutes.

However, both islands have many things to explore. If you’re someone who loves a calm environment, you can head to Brac, the quietest island with beautiful beaches for diving, swimming, and surfing. 

Additionally, it includes Zlatni Rat Beach, which stretches out into the sea and is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches. In addition, Hvar is no less than a beautiful island.

It also has fantastic beaches and is the center of historical sites such as the Hvar folk theatre, Fortica fort, and Franciscan monastery. Many tourists love to spend the night at Hvar and enjoy the beautiful night.


9. Malacological Museum of the Franciscan Monastery in Makarska


I remember going to the beach to collect seashells by the seashore. It used to be my favorite childhood hobby. However, many tourists come to several beaches in Makarska, and I find them picking seashells of various shapes and colors. I know how it feels, magical.

So, if you’re someone who loves sea shells and wants to know more about them, you can pay a visit to the Malacological Museum in Makarska.

There’s a collection of 3000 shells of different species for the audience. In addition, you’ll be shocked to see some of the shells as small as 1cm. The tour of the museum won’t be costly, and it will end your curiosity too regarding the shells.

10. Makarska Nightlife – Party till Sunrise

makarska nightlife

After the hustle and bustle at work, visiting a calm and fun place is a must- that’s when Makarska appears in my mind. If you go to Makarska, you’ll find many attractions, and if you’re a party person, you can hit a bar too.

There are several bars along the sea in Makarska where the party starts in the evening and lasts till dawn. When at the bar/ club, you can dance your heart out. 

Moreover, you can enjoy drinks such as tequila and wine, etc. In addition, someone will hit you with a splash of water out of nowhere, and the same you can do to them for fun. Isn’t it crazy?

Even though Makarska is not a party capital, people from nearby villages still come here and enjoy the night. Many famous bands perform at concerts during the party too. So you must party hard if you want to make the most of your trip to Makarska!

11. Dine on a sunset waterfront

best restaurants in makarska

Whenever you visit a new country or city, you don’t only stick to visiting attractions, but you also go for the thing needed to survive—Food.

Makarska has a variety of food and wines enriched with mouth-watering flavors. The food is so delicious here that looking at it from afar will make you drool. Since Makarska is near the Sea, most of the food you find here will include species of marine life. You’ll come across fresh mussels, crabs, and more. 

Furthermore, if you want to enhance your food experience, you can visit Riva, a destination hotel with beautiful interior decor and a terrace with a view.

The terrace has a shade of palm trees, and you can view the Sea. In addition, you can have dinner here with the love of your life or family members. Here, the night is long and dark, and the sky is dotted with brilliant stars.


12. Visit the best viewpoint in Makarska

sv jure of biokovo

If you’re a passionate hiker, you can go hiking to the tallest peak, St. Jure. It’ll take you at least 7 hours to get there.

If you’re not a professional hiker and want to try hiking, you can drive in the car to some parts of the peak and hike a bit. Furthermore, hiking there is a bit risky because it has rough and steep terrain.

Make sure you go there with a backpack equipped with water, necessary food, and safety items. Wear comfortable shoes and smooth clothes, so you don’t have to worry about anything while hiking.

Additionally, it is safer to hike in the morning because it is not safe to do so at night. Since it’s a lush green mountain, it might have dangerous animals which mostly come out at night and can attack you. So, beware!

13. Lištun Street

listun street makarska

Have you ever been to Makarska and missed the charm of its vibrant night? Oh, you shouldn’t have. However, when you go there this time, don’t forget to hit Listun street, which brims with many bars and clubs.

The street is only open to those who reach there by walking and not in a vehicle. After every evening the party begins in various bars and clubs. This way, you won’t have to look for a specific club; instead, you’ll have a variety of bars and clubs to go for.

Furthermore, if you are searching for a bar outside the town, you can check in The Buba Beach Bar; it is a great place to party day and night and watch the sunset while sipping a cool drink.

Those looking for a unique clubbing experience should visit Deep Makarska nightclub, which is housed in a seaside cave and boasts a beautiful blue-lit grotto atmosphere.

Furthermore, if you are searching for a bar outside the town, you can check in The Buba Beach Bar; it is a great place to party day and night and watch the sunset while sipping a cool drink.

Those looking for a unique clubbing experience should visit Deep Makarska nightclub, which is housed in a seaside cave and boasts a beautiful blue-lit grotto atmosphere

14. Walk On Road By The Sea

makarska croatia

Whether you are a local or new to town, and can’t afford a ride to explore the city or board the cruise and explore the islands, worry not.

You can explore the seafront promenade. Meaning you can walk on the road near the Sea. Furthermore, you can enjoy staring at the crystal clear water and pebbled sands. In addition, the seaside walkways are full of cafes, shops, and restaurants and offer easy access to the beach. 

With so many shops you can shop for your loved ones and yourself. You can also treat yourself to yummy food while on a walk.

There are numerous water sports to try, such as kayaking, a floating aquapark, and jet ski rentals. Fishermen’s fiesta nights, a vibrant outdoor celebration with music, dancing, and regional cuisine, are regularly held on the promenade during the summer.

So, enjoy walking alone at the seaside and having the most fun.

15. Dive Deep into the Sea

scuba diving makarska

Makarska is known for many things, and diving is one of them. It’s a beautiful city adjacent to the coastline of Croatia’s Adriatic Sea.

This is the most visited city and the main center of tourism in the months of summer.
In winter it’s not as crowded as in summer. Most of the divers come here due to the variety of sites present in Makarska to dive and explore.

Here, diving is suitable for all divers, but it’s best to take guidance from the seniors so you don’t have to face any issues while in the Sea.

When you dive, you’ll explore the marine life and wonders of the Sea. Experiencing such a thing in life is more like a dream come true.


16. Visit Krka national park

krka waterfalls national park

When in Makarska, how can you miss visiting a park? Park is where you can go with your family members and make memories. That said, Makarska has a unique National Park and is only one hour and a half minutes away from Makarska. You can savor the park’s unspoiled natural loveliness. Furthermore, you’ll be surrounded by the green beds of the garden, green lush mountains, birds chirping all around, and the wind caressing your skin. 

In addition, the marvelous waterfall will leave you in shock, and you’ll not get a view as picturesque as this one anywhere else. Also, don’t forget to take a water bottle with you to stay hydrated. However, on the way back to Makarska, you can rest for a few hours at the Skradin- a village adjacent to the National Park. If you feel hungry on the way, you can find several restaurants offering delicious food too. Until then, enjoy!


17. Adventure on a safari

If you want a unique experience, you can go on an adventure to safari. You can begin the Safari tour through the Biokovo mountains’ forests and take photos of different viewpoints.

Meanwhile, you’ll stop at the following sites, which include Smokvina – a hunting lodge and a climbing rock. You will also munch on delicious food like homemade bread and soparnik from Poljica. 

Furthermore, you’ll pass by various villages, i-e, Bast and Topic. These are the oldest and most beautiful villages, and this is where people from Baska Vodka come from.

Having a safari experience will take you to different villages and places, and you’ll get to explore the hidden places of Makarska. So, if you want a crazy safari ride and know more than ever about the city, don’t miss this chance and make the most memories.



At times you are occupied with loads of work and stuck in the city’s hustle and bustle, making it difficult for you to enjoy life. But everything has some sense to it.

You should spend time with your family and with yourself. For that, you can go on a vacation and spend some quality time in Makarska, the land of wonders and attractions.
With these the best things to do in Makarska, every second will be worthwhile.

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