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blue cave tour from split

The most popular Blue Cave tour from Split – Price from €99 per person

Let’s find out if Blue Cave from Split is really worth it visiting.

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blue cave tour from split by local travel agency
book blue cave tour from split by local travel agency

The Blue Cave tour from Split is a full-day trip that includes visiting the top 5 islands in Croatia. The journey starts with the sunrise and ends with the beautiful attractions of the sunset on the best Split beaches.

This one-day tour takes you to five Adriatic islands, each with its unique charm and beauty, hidden spots that are very well worth seeing.

You will enjoy different entertainment activities in a different destination that will definitely be unforgettable.
Some instructions you should know about:

  • At 7:15 a.m., meet your other group members in the fresh shining morning. At 7:30 a.m., you will board the boat, and the trip of the unseen beauty of the ancient wonder world will begin.
  • You will explore the enchanting beauty of each island including Bisevo island, Stiniva beach, Budikovac island, Paklenski island, and Hvar island.
  • You won’t have to worry about entrance costs because they are included in the package. However, you will have to pay for lunch, snacks, and drinks on the islands.

Tour details:


12 Hours

Minimum Age:

6 Years

Group Size:

up to 12 persons


Croatian, English


Printed & Mobile accepted

Easy Cancellation:

Min 48 hours before departure

Includes & Excludes:

Entrance fee
Transport from the meeting points with brand new speedboats
Wind Jacket
Snorkeling equipment included
Bottled water
Travel insurance
Pick up from the hotel and drop off

The full-day tour of the Blue Cave and Hvar Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Split, Croatia. It covers a trip to five different Adriatic Sea islands.

Split has some exceptions that only a few places in the world can offer. It has many tourist attractions, both on land and at sea, that represent the world’s breathtaking beauty.

The majority of the destinations represent historical monuments, some have hidden spots that’s why it is completely based on exploring.

It provides travelers with the opportunity to discover hidden and mysterious places in the Adriatic Sea.


07:15h Meeting point is in front of the Church and monastery of St. Francis
7:30h Departure from Split
09:00h Arrival at Blue Cave
10:00h Departure from Blue Cave
10:30h Arrival to Stiniva (island of Vis) & Free time (30 min)
11:00h Departure from Stiniva
11:15h Arrival to the Blue Lagoon & Free time (1h)
12:15h Departure from the Blue Lagoon
13:00h Arrival to Palmižana & Free time (1h 30min)
14:35h Arrival to Hvar & Free time (2h 30min)
17:00h Departure from Hvar
18:00h Arrival to Split
blue cave tour from split by local travel agency
best blue cave tour from split by local travel agency

About the best tour to Blue Cave from Split:

Meeting & Departure
07:15h – 07:30h in front of the Church and Monastery St Francis in Split

The tour actually begins at 7:30 a.m. in the morning. We will gather in front of the church and monastery of St. Francis and from here the actual adventurous journey of your life begins.

The first thing is you should arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure that you have enough time to prepare for this new adventure.

You will get 15 minutes to engage with the other members of your group. Before departing, tour guides will provide you with a brief overview of the trip.

These rules are important to secure your safety throughout the tour. Hold on tight as you board the boat because you’re about to explore some unbelievable things, and it’ll be a long sea journey ahead of you.

blue cave tour from split meeting point
Blue Cave (Bisevo Island)
09:00h – 10:00h

The Blue Cave will be the first stop on your Blue Cave tour from Split, Croatia. On the east side of the island of Bisevo, there is a cave called Blue Cave.

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to travel by speedboat. Its entrance requires a ticket that is included in the package, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Because the entrance is 1.5 meters high so a small boat will take you there which is also included in the package. Once you enter the cave, you will be experienced an unreal thing.

The hole on the top of the cave allows sunlight to pass through the limestones in the water, causing the water to take on a blue color on the cave’s walls and everything inside to glow blue, resembling a blue glowing aquarium that’s why you will notice glowing blue lighting everywhere.

This is the perfect time to experience a natural magic show.

blue cave bisevo island
Stiniva Beach

After Bisevo Island, it’s time to move on to another destination. A 20-minute speed boat journey will get you there in time for a 30-minute stay that will definitely be unforgettable.

When you get to the beach, you will realize that it is famous because it is surrounded by high cliffs that look hidden, which provide the best snapping location.

stiniva beach
Blue Lagoon ( Budikovac Island)

If you’ve had enough of traveling on the sea’s surface, now it’s time to go to another island.

This hidden exclusive location is a favorite and the beauty of nature at this place is perfect. It is also quite clean from which you can see underwater making it completely a relaxing experience for you.

Explore this blue lagoon with us while exploring the underwater world with your naked eye or a snorkeling mask that will be provided by your tourist guides.

You will have one hour here, so if you are tired or need some quiet time to relax, there are beach bars where you may get some drinks and rest.

blue lagoon budikovac island croatia
Paklenski islands
13:00h Arrival to Palmižana & Free time (1h 30min)

Paklenski Island is the name given to a group of small islands that make up this location.
At 13:00 hours, you will arrive at Paklenski Island.

You’ll have about 1 hour and 30 minutes to relax here after a speedboat trip. However, it is totally up to you whether you want to relax or spend your precious time exploring the island’s hidden beauties.

The islands are covered with forests and grass, also there are restaurants and bars where you may get drinks and have lunch.

paklenski island on blue cave tour from split
Hvar Island
14:35h Arrival to Hvar & Free time (2h 30min)

Hvar has become a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. It is known as the Blue Cave and Hvar full-day tour from a split because it starts your journey with the blue cave and must end with a visit to Hvar Island, otherwise, it would be incomplete.

The island is generally packed during peak season. Every traveler will fall in love with the Hvar Island, which attracts everyone from common people to celebrities.

Several attractions attract visitors to this location, but one of the most notable is its historical importance.

The fortresses on Hvar were considered to be among the fiercest in the world. You’ll have 2 hours and 30 minutes to do whatever you want with this place. You’ll be leaving here once the timer runs out, so make the most of your time here.

Return to Split

Leaving from Hvar Island to Split is like you’re floating on everything that you’ve experienced. After a long journey of an hour, you will return to where you left in the morning still there is some sunlight with different feelings and unforgettable memories.

Good to know before booking:

  • Early in the morning, you may be able to spot dolphins from your boat in the Blue cave area.
  • Blue Cave has some exceptions so is not usually open for a visit. One of the reasons is that getting inside the cave is impossible when the sea levels get too high.
  • Swimming is not allowed on a continuous basis in the Blue cave but it is accessible for you so you are most welcome to do so.
  • The speedboat ride can be quite exciting but it is always safe.
blue cave tour from split by local travel agency
best blue cave tour from split by local travel agency


How do I get to the Blue Cave?

The Blue Cave can be easily visited every day during the summer season on an organized boat tour from Split, Hvar, Vis, and Trogir or other neighboring islands.

Is Blue Cave worth it?

Visit Blue Cave is definitely worth it. Blue Cave in Croatia is truly a phenomenon of the Adriatic Sea, and it is one of the most beautiful hidden places all over the world, even if you spend 5-10 minutes inside the cave, it’s absolutely worth visiting. When considering a complete full-day boat tour from Split including visiting the top-five islands, the entrance fee for the Blue Cave, which is included in the tour price, short sitting and waiting in the line on an overcrowded dock on Bisevo island, last 5 years Blue Cave is still one of the best and most popular destinations, worth visiting in Croatia.

Why is the Blue Cave famous?

Some of the places in Blue Cave represent historical monuments, some have hidden spots. However, now it became one of the most loving Split to blue cave sea tours.

Why do you need a small boat to enter Blue Cave on Biševo island?

There is a genuine reason for it. Because the cave’s entrance is so narrow ( 1.5 meters high and 2.5 meters wide) eventually you need small boats to enter.

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